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Rivera Still Water PET 500ml

Rivera Still Water PET 500ml

JANTAR water is drawn from artesian spring number 39 in Kołobrzeg. Its composition includes ground water from 9.8 thousand years ago and inflow water which has undergone a 40-year natural filtration process. In addition, it is enriched with minerals from the permian salts which were deposited over millions of years at the bottom of the oceans.

JANTAR is a top-quality medium-mineralised water with an alkaline pH, an important factor which helps it balance the acidity of all manner of foods and drinks, including acidifying foods.

JANTAR water optimally hydrates the body thanks to a unique composition of electrolytes and trace elements.

  • Sodium-chloride water hydrates quickly and effectively.
  • The appropriate levels of sodium, potassium and chloride maintain int fluid-electrolyte balance, which is especially important during physical exertion.
  • The perfect ratio of potassium to sodium (close to that recommended studies of electrolytes). Supports the operation of the sodium-potassium pump.
  • Contains bicarbonate (HCO3), which is excellent for athletes and improves the bioavailability of calcium and magnesium.
  • An alkaline pH of 7.4 (at the source) counteracts acidification of the body.
  • Contains trace elements such as iodine, selenium, zinc, lithium and strontium.
  • Does not contain heavy metals or pesticides.
  • Contains no concentration of radon, radium and uranium isotopes.
  • Free of alpha and beta radiation.
  • Contains no chemicals which extend shelf life.


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