Best of Poland is a lifestyle website offering a comprehensive information hub about Poland, its cities, businesses, products, and services, serving as a cultural bridge by fostering partnerships, curated events, and connections between Singaporean and Polish cultures.

April & May 2024

Poland Shiok!

In partnership with Poland Shiok! - an all-encompassing platform showcasing Polish culture, art, history, culinary traditions, as well as business opportunities.

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Vibrant events and collaborations

Stay updated on past and upcoming events, workshops, and collaborations with local business or organisations, celebrating diversity and cultural exchange

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Community Spotlight

Get to know the vibrant individuals and business shaping the Singaporean and Polish communities through their stories and contributions

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Educational Resources

Gain insights into the origin, benefits, and usage of our products. We aim to not just offer goods but also foster understanding and appreciation for Polish culture.

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  • Forge Business Connections

    Act as a bridge between Singapore and Polish companies, fostering connections and showcasing success stories, partnerships, and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Cultural Immersion

    Embark on a cultural journey through engaging content, articles, videos, and virtual tours that unravel the depth of Polish traditions, festival, and historical significance

  • Tailored Services

    Experience personalised services catered to your needs, including specialised products, and tailored tours

Explore Poland

Unveil Poland's history, culture, travel tips, diverse lodgings, attractions, and tantalizing cuisine delights.

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Our mission is to curate an immersive lifestyle gateway between Poland and Singapore that encapsulates the essence of Poland's diverse culture, exquisite products, and entrepreneurial spirit. Through engaging content, a curated selection of products, and fostering collaborations between businesses, we aim to introduce Singapore and the world to the unparalleled beauty and quality of Polish offerings. We are committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding, fostering connections, and providing an unparalleled experience that transcends borders."