19 May 2023

Together for Ukraine Gala Dinner

The "Together for Ukraine" Gala Dinner was a testament to the extraordinary power of unity, where heartfelt thanks are extended to the sponsors, supporters, and guests who graced the event last Friday. Their crucial participation played a pivotal role in ensuring the resounding success of the evening, and their invaluable contributions are set to make a lasting impact on the lives of children, leaving a positive imprint on their futures.

The collective efforts of all involved exceeded expectations, raising an impressive S$23,140/ UAH 632,563. These funds are now being directed to Ukraine Alive, with the noble intention of crafting brighter futures for Ukrainian children who tragically lost their parents during the war.

This event showcased that together, change is not only possible but achievable. The heartfelt thanks go out to a distinguished list of individuals and organizations whose support and dedication made this endeavor a reality. Among them are ambassadors like HE Magdalena Bogdziewicz (Republic of Poland to Singapore), HE Kateryna Zelenko (Ukraine to Singapore), and HE Iwona Piórko-Berming (European Union to Singapore). Special acknowledgments are extended to various contributors, including LEI Food and Drinks, Lufthansa, House of Cane, Momme Studio, Gem-Amber, Galeria Mleczko Kraków, Wine Kapyoh, Watch me Shine, Innovation and Integration, Responsible Cyber, Mindblooming, Ukrainian Club in Singapore, Stamford American International School String Quartet, Red Kalyna, and Silent Stars.

A heartfelt note of gratitude is also reserved for the unwavering support of the biggest supporters, MY HUSBAND AND MY DAUGHTERS. Their backing has been instrumental in making this initiative a reality. Thank you to all involved, and the anticipation for the joyous faces ahead is palpable! Slava Ukraina