Polish culture, cuisine, travel, and thriving businesses await your discovery and participation

CEEC United Club - November

CEEC United Club has launched the “Country of the Month” program in Singapore, and this November, we’re turning the spotlight on Poland! Don’t miss this golden opportunity to try our NFC Apple juice, expand your network, explore business prospects and soak in the rich culture of Poland!

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Singapore Red Cross International Bazaar 2023

At the vibrant Singapore Red Cross International Bazaar 2023, Best of Poland shone bright, celebrating Polish culture, engaging with Singapore's President, and now presents a captivating array of exquisite Polish specialties for you to explore and enjoy!

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Together for Ukraine Gala Dinner

Witness the heartwarming success of the "Together for Ukraine" Gala Dinner, uniting sponsors, supporters, and guests for a noble cause. Discover how their generosity raised over S$23,140/ UAH 632,563 for Ukraine Alive, promising a brighter future for children affected by war. Read on for heartfelt thanks and inspiring stories of unity.

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