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Your new favourite sustainable shopping companion! Made with eco-friendly materials, this waterproof and washable bag not only helps you reduce your environmental impact, but is also durable for everyday use. Go green with this must-have bag!

It is made for people who enjoy unique and original products, as well as, value quality and allure. These one of a kind bags will stand out in a crowd wherever you are.


100% handmade | vegan skin | washable

Paper composition: 72% cellulose fiber, 20% latex, 8% water & colorants.


To clean the product, immerse it in warm water with detergent, such as dishwashing liquid, clean with soft sponge or cloth, rinse in clean water, and leave to dry. Do not scratch with sharp objects! Any surface abrasions, for paper with metallic coating, are a natural characteristic and are not subject to complaint.

To shape the product, fold the upper part differently, such as for organisers, plant covers, bags such as shoppers, etc; soak the entire product in water (place it in a plastic bag for 5 minutes), shape it with soft paper, and leave to dry.


Papeda is a family company, interested in creating unique yet simplistic eco friendly solutions for plastic. This line of everyday use products is made of a new generation of paper, “Papeda” which can be washed and ironed numerous times. Thanks to the latex present, the bags are tear-proof. Papeda’s products come in five different colours. Those with metallic coating may show signs of abrasion which is not a defect but rather a natural quality of the paper.

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